Still Water Yoga

Our Yoga Philosophy

There are many paths to Still Water.

Still Water PhilosophyThe role of Yoga in your life is highly personal and deeply rooted in your goals and expectations for your practice. And we respect the difference and individuality of those goals. Many students come to us to recover from an injury or get relief from an ongoing ache or chronic condition—others are seeking physical fitness, inner peace, stress relief or a higher purpose in a hectic world. Most students embody several of these goals.

Our approach as teachers is to honor and encourage your individual goals in the context of a series of group classes or private sessions. We provide safe and systematic instruction through a progression of Yoga poses designed to develop each student’s ability and skill. Exceptionally caring and experienced teachers lead our classes with a focus on individual attention and care.

All are welcome.

Students of all age’s, abilities, and interests are welcome to join us. We employ different techniques that are matched to the needs of each student.

“I think that students appreciate that we try to adapt our instruction to respect the needs, requirements, and abilities of each individual student. They appreciate that our instruction is practical and experiential. We are clearly student focused.”

—Joseph Satlak

It’s really about your own practice.

We believe the role of the teacher is to help facilitate the students deepening relationship with Yoga. The most important aspect of a serious Yoga practice is the development of a personal practice. The teacher has to encourage and guide but must know when to step aside and allow the student to take responsibility for their own practice. A skillful teacher must give the student enough time and space to explore and develop their own practice.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

The practice of Yoga brings unity to the physical, mental and spiritual elements of self.  It is inherently therapeutic. Physically the practice of the postures strengthens the body, and creates a feeling of well being. Mentally it makes one more aware, sharpens mental acuity, and helps to focus and concentrate.  When practiced with commitment and consistency it steadies the emotions and helps one to cultivate compassion and considerations for others. On a spiritual level Yoga brings inner awareness and the ability to be still.

“I see Yoga as more than a series of poses. As a philosophy, Yoga  has benefits for many parts of your life.

—Candace Satlak

The Still Water Yoga Space

The studio was designed and built only for the practice of Yoga. It is a clean, simple uncluttered space that reflects our approach to the teaching of Yoga. We are ready for it to achieve its potential as a single-purpose, well-organized and quiet place for the community practice of Yoga.

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