Still Water Yoga

Testimonials from our Yoga students

We did not really know what to expect from Yoga when we began our first-ever yoga classes with Joseph. We were excited about what yoga might do for our flexibility and balance—both physical and emotional.  Joseph’s class surpassed all our hopes, and we were privileged to take his classes for nine years, during the entire time that he and Candace had a studio in Belmont. Joseph has an amazing ability to tailor yoga to the needs of his students, even when there is a big range of backgrounds and abilities in a class. His impressive knowledge of Yoga and physiology, and his devotion to his students, is evident in every class. Our bodies were strengthened and our overall health improved as a result of Joseph’s classes.  Joseph creates a Yoga environment that is supportive, encouraging and really fun. His classes were one of the highlights of each week.
—Susan and Michael

Still Water Yoga Testimonials

The advantage of participating on a weekly basis in Candace’s class is two fold—first, every aspect of one’s body is touched: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Second, Candace carefully designs a progressive series of poses, one building on the next. In addition, she welcomes her students writing down the sequence she designs, either to follow if one is absent or to follow at home during the week.

I ‘happened’ into Candace and Joseph’s studio by accident, and immediately felt welcome, even though I wasn’t (yet) a ‘regular.’ I started with a four-week course; this was the beginning of a 8 year relationship that I value greatly both because of how much it has helped my particular back problem, but also because I appreciate knowing Candace and Joseph as teachers and personally. They are truly dedicated teachers, always looking for the best method to help each one of their students.

I found my laughter again. While we do serious work in Joseph’s classes, the classes are not the serious, silent Yoga classes that I was accustomed to taking. In addition, the work we did in the class freed up kinks in my body, and I believe that loosened me up and made it easier for me to find joy and laughter in my life.

Joseph’s classes build on one another, so it is important to take them as a series. You will feel the progress you’ve made over even one series of classes. Joseph gets to know every student in his classes and what works for their body. Because of this, it sometimes feels like he is teaching to each of us individually within the context of a group class. In fact, it is almost like having individual instruction with the support of a group.

Candace is a uniquely gifted teacher, who through her own practice has developed detailed plans for each class and developed specific prop adaptations for individual students at their level, including those with specific challenges. Candace has keen observational abilities, which enables her to know her students and to teach in a detailed manner and with clarity.

Her quiet manner, pace, and her ability to demonstrate and articulate the intention of the practice, enables one to build strength, to grow in self knowledge and practice in safety. Much has been written recently about injuries sustained when practicing yoga. Candace is able to observe, guide and prepare students to know when they are strong enough to practice certain asanas in a safe manner. Participating in ongoing classes also enables access to a warm and friendly yoga community.

I’ve received many benefits from my Yoga practice with Joseph, including improved flexibility, strength, and balance, but I think that the greatest benefit for me has been an improved ability to pay attention. This begins with paying attention to the teacher’s instructions, develops into an ability to see and feel the habitual patterns of one’s own posture and movements, and, ultimately, leads to being more present in daily life.

Each class consists of a carefully planned sequence of Yoga postures, beginning with gentle postures and continuing with a selection of standing postures, seated postures, and inversions. There is always a period of relaxation at the end. Postures are done slowly and with attention to alignment.  Joseph is attentive to individual students and places great importance on their safety and well being. He uses props, such as blankets, blocks and bolsters, to make postures more accessible and adjusts them as needed for individuals. The overall atmosphere of the classes is supportive and non-competitive, and new students can expect to feel at ease from the first class, regardless of their prior experience with Yoga.

I’ve been studying with Joseph for about ten years and began teaching myself a couple of years ago. He has been a wonderful role model for what a Yoga teacher should be. He cares deeply about his students and works very hard to bring Yoga to them in a way that respects their capabilities and sensibilities. He is a serious practionner himself, and this shows in the depth, perceptiveness, and compassion of his teaching.

Candace is always very well prepared for class. She clearly has given a great deal of thought to the progression of the class. She is extraordinarily careful about not letting you push a pose beyond your ability and risk injury. She is deeply committed to her students and they are deeply committed to her.


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