“The pupil must push the teacher to tears”

“The pupil must push the teacher to tears; that is the way to make a good teacher.” These enigmatic words from BKS Iyengar on how students push the teacher have stuck with us and guided us in our approach to the practice and teaching of yoga.

Through our 25 years of teaching the popular understanding of what yoga is has evolved to include many different forms of movement and exercise. We have remained old school in our approach, holding to the notion that yoga’s tools and techniques need to be adapted to respect the needs, abilities and requirements of each individual student. This is best carried out through one on one instruction or within the context of small group classes where the teacher can provide the student with individual attention and care. Part of that commitment requires us to continue to grow and learn along with our students through personal practice and continuing education.

“Suffering yet to come should be averted”

My sister, an experienced educator, holds to the notion laid out in the above sutra saying that the better teachers are constantly trying to refine and enhance their methods so that tears will not be necessary. Towards that end we have been continuing our studies with our colleagues at the Yoga Union for Back Care and Scoliosis in New York City learning specialized techniques for working with both wall ropes and slings. In March we will return to New York to deepen our study of yoga for back care and scoliosis.

Over the next several months we look forward to sharing what we are learning with you. We owe the current direction of our yoga studies to you and thank you for your questions, involvement, and commitment to the Still Water Yoga community. And although you make us cry sometimes, we wouldn’t be able to continue our work without your support.

Quote of the Month

When something new and better comes without learning it, it is as quick as dried leaves falling from the tree.

BKS Iyengar ~ 1974