(Half Hand Stand) at wall with Candace SatlakSetting up:
Place the short end of a yoga mat against a wall.  Sit on the mat with your legs extended and feet against the wall.  Place a block to the outside of and aligned with one hip.  Then turn away from the wall, coming onto your hands and knees with the palms in line with the block and directly under your shoulders.  (If your shoulders are tight, you may need to place your hands a little farther forward from the wall.)

What to do:
Walk one foot followed by the other up the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Press your hands evenly down into the floor, extend your arms, and lift the hips up toward the ceiling to create one long line from your wrist through the shoulders and hips.
If your arms bend, come down and place a belt around them.  Experiment with the belt just beneath the elbow or just above and see which works best to keep your arms extended.

Look toward the wall to keep the neck long and head relaxed.

Take a few breaths in the pose.

To exit the pose, lift your head, bend your knees, and bring your feet to the floor.

Repeat the pose again.  This time, use the opposite foot to walk up the wall.

The FEAR factor: If this pose brings up fear or anxiety, begin by walking one foot up the wall and lifting the opposite one 12 inches or so from the floor.

Strengthens the wrists, arms, and shoulders.
Brings energy and vitality to the entire body.

High blood pressure or heart condition.
Detached retina or glaucoma.
Carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist injury irritated by extreme extension.