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The Still Water Yoga Studio is dedicated to the practice of alignment based Hatha Yoga. We take a fresh and open approach to the teaching and practice of Iyengar Yoga. As a multi-generational studio, we are concerned with encouraging proper alignment in the poses, maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility. With our emphasis on individual attention and personalized practice, the Still Water Yoga Studio offers alternatives for those new to yoga, those seeking the therapeutic benefits of yoga, and to anyone who wants a truly deep and challenging experience. Joseph Satlak and Candace Satlak – Instructors

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“When gardeners plant apple seeds, are they enjoying themselves thinking of the apples to come? No! They are happy for the first sprouting; they are happy each day for the progress of the plants. Our body is the same. We take care of it by the asana with love and enjoy ourselves seeing the small progress. But we never think of illumination. If it does not come in one year, we work one year more, but without holding fast, otherwise illumination will never come.”

BKS Iyengar on Illumination

Rent our space – We are looking for highly experienced teachers of the self cultivating arts to rent our beautifully designed space for weekly classes or workshops. Contact us here for more information.

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